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Architecture & Urban Design: Architectural Drawing & Drafting

The Architecture & Urban Design Research Guide will assist researchers interested in exploring related topics within the field of architecture.

Building Ornamental Design

Related reading found in the Fordham Library Collection

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Drafting Videos on YouTube

How to Architect | YouTube 
How to Architect is all about facts. Each video covers 7 subjects about construction elements, architectural history, and iconic buildings: a didactic and straightforward way to learn (again).
All Tutorials | Visualizing Architecture 
Tutorials on creating and rendering architectural drawings and sketches, using Photoshop and SketchUp.
Visualizing Architecture | by Alex Hogrefe 
Boston area architect (Miami University Master of Architecture grad) presents a Blog detailing design projects, as well as offering a variety of practical tutorials for architecture students and professionals alike.
Draft an Architectural Interior Elevation - YouTube 
How to manually draft an interior elevation of a bedroom wall using a T-square, triangle, and architect's scale.
Architectural Lettering (how to) - YouTube 
Use a T-square, triangle, and scale to draft guidelines, letters, and a title bloc
Types of Architectural Drawings - YouTube 
Overview of architectural drawings and how they're made.
Architectural Drafting: Lettering How to properly draw numbers and letters for architectural hand drafting.

Some Drawings by Word Famous Architects from Architectural Digest

Architectural Drawings & the National Archives

More books on Architectural Drawing in the Fordham Collections

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