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Architecture & Urban Design: Landscape Architecture

The Architecture & Urban Design Research Guide will assist researchers interested in exploring related topics within the field of architecture.

Landscape Architecture Networking

Landscape Design

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Online book / Landscape Design

Livable Landscape Design / John Collins and Martin Aldeman. Cornell Extension Information Bulletin 211, 1988.
This 64-page, spiral-bound publication explains how to apply basic principles of design to home landscapes. Topics include landscape and the environment, landscape traditions, and design strategies to prevent environmental damage. Only available as a .pdf -​/1813/2648/2/Livable_Landscape_Design.pdf

NYC Highline



Climate Impact Resources

  • Climate Profiles from Sperling's Best Places. Selected data on many cities and countries.
  • EcoDesign / This site is a collection of resources for ecological design for buildings and cities. It is hosted by the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee whose goal is to make it easier for architecture students to understand energy concepts and to design energy efficient buildings.
  • Golden Gate Weather Services - Localized weather forecasts and climatological outlooks : includes links to many sources and statistics.
  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory - Heat Island Group. Heat Island research is conducted to find, analyze, and implement solutions to the summer warming trends occurring in urban areas, the so-called 'heat island' effect. Concentrates on the study and development of more reflective surfaces for roadways and buildings. Site also includes cool pavements, cool roofs and more.
  • National Climatic Data Center - NCDC archives weather data obtained by the National Weather Service, Military Services, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Coast Guard, as well as data from voluntary cooperative observers.
  • National Climatic Data Center - Local Climatological Data - a monthly summary from major airport weather stations that includes a daily account of temperature extremes, degree days, precipitation, wind, hourly precipitation and 3-hour weather observations.
  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration - NOAA is a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and the atmosphere. Provides information and data at all levels.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory - renewable energy research and data.
  • National Weather Service - links to San Francisco Bay Area, California and climate archives. Includes forecasts, hazards, watches, and warnings.
  • Solar Radiation Data Manual for Buildings - from the National Renewable Energy Lab. Includes solar radiation and climate data.
  • Sun Angle Calculator - SunAngle computes the position of the sun and related information for a given location, date, and time. This information may be useful in building design, solar energy system design, photography, and other applications..
  • Weather Underground / includes international weather information.
  • Wind Resource Information / from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
  • World Data Center for Meteorology / World Data Center (WDC) for Meteorology is maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, and NCDC. Established during the International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957, the WDC System now functions under the guidance of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU).
  • World Meteorological Organization / Includes weather prediction, air pollution research, climate change related activities, ozone layer depletion studies and tropical storm forecasting, coordinates global scientific activity. The United Nations, the Geneva-based Organization provides the authoritative scientific voice on the state and behaviour of the Earth's atmosphere and climate.

Landscape Design at Lincoln Center

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More resources available using Fordham's Environmental Studies Research Guide developed by Reference Librarian David Vassar - EXCELLENT Resources!

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