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Human Rights: Anti-Racism: Fordham Initiatives

Research information and library resources on many aspects of human rights; Librarian David Vassar, Editor.

Bronx African American Oral History Project

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The University expresses its commitment to DEI:  "Race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, religion: Fordham is committed to diversity in all dimensions. Working to understand and respect that which makes each of us unique is an essential part of a college education. It’s part of our Jesuit mission, to be both Catholic and catholic: a community that welcomes and honors all who come to us—whether as students, faculty members, or members of our staff."

Racial Solidarity Network

A joint initiative of Fordham's Office of Multicultural Affairs and Division of Student Affairs, the Network provides training for "all Fordham University community members who would like to demonstrate their active commitment to creating a campus environment that is open and welcoming to all students, in keeping with the Jesuit tenet of Cura Personalis and the principle that all persons should be treated with dignity and respect."

Centering on Bronx Schools: The Center for Educational Partnerships

In January 2021 Fordham's Center for Educational Partnerships received a federal grant of nearly $600K for violence prevention in Bronx public schools.