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Fordham University History: Fordham Commencement Speakers 1941-present

Everything you ever wanted to know about its history, people, places ... and maybe even a few things you didn't.

Commencement Speakers 1941-present

2018 Dennis Walcott, President and CEO of Queens Library

2017 Oscar Andrés Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, Catholic Cardinal from Honduras

2016 David Skorton, MD, the 13th secretary of the Smithsonian Institution

2015 Nana Lordina, First Lady of the Republic of Ghana,

2014 Tino Martinez,  New York Yankees All Star

2013 Richard Engel NBC News Correspondent

2012 John Brennan Deputy National Security Advisor; now CIA Director

 2011 Brian Williams NBC Anchor

 2010 Mary McAleese President of Ireland

 2009 Tom Brokaw

 2008 Charlie Rose Rescinded 2017

 2007 Willie Randolph

 2006 Chris Matthews, Host of MSNBC'S Hardball

 2005 John Sexton, New York University President

 2004 Tim Russert, NBC's Meet the Press

 2003 Ted Koppel, ABC Nightline

 2002 Gerald Levin, Former CEO AOL Time Warner

 2001 Bill Cosby, Actor, Comedian, best-selling author, educator Rescinded 2015

 2000 Vin Scully, Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Los Angeles Dodgers

 1999 George Mitchell, Former US Senator/ David Copperfield Magician

 1998 Judge Joseph McLaughlin, former dean of Fordham's School of Law,

 1997 Mary Higgins Clark

 1996 Rev. Joseph O'Hare President of Fordham

 1995 Mary Robinson President of Ireland

 1994 Jonathan Kozol Author Savage Inequalities

 1993 Peter Steinfels NY Times Religion Editor

 1992 Dr. John Brademas, former Congressman, president emeritus of New York University,

 1991 Marion Wright Edelman Children’s Defense Fund

 1990 William P Ford Rights Activist (Jesuit Killings in El Salvador)

 1989 Fr Tim Healy President of Georgetown

1988 Charles Osgood

 1987 Senator Alphonse D'Amato

 1986 Robert Hayes Founder Coalition for the Homeless

 1985 Mario Cuomo Governor of NY

 1984 Rev. James Finlay President of Fordham

 1983 Felix G. Rohatyn

 1982 Seamus Heaney Poet

 1981 Paulo Evaristo Cardinal Arns, Archbishop of Sao Paulo

 1980 Patricia Harris Secretary of Health and Human Services

 1979 Zbigniew Brzezinski National Security Advisor

 1978 Alan Alda

 1977 Thomas A Murphy Chairman General Motors

 1976 Governor Hugh Carey

 1975 Judge William Hughes Mulligan

 1974 Governor Malcolm Wilson

 1973 Dr Ernest Boyer Chancellor State University of New York

 1972 Kurt Waldheim UN Secretary General

 1971 James Hester President of NYU

 1970 Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

 1969 Sen. Ted Kennedy

 1968 Leo McGlaughlin (Eulogy and mass for Bobby Kennedy)

 1967 Sen Robert F Kennedy

 1966 Rev. Vincent T O'Keefe President of Fordham

 1965 Vice President Hubert Humphrey

 1964 Francis Cardinal Spellman

 1963 Sargent Shriver

 1962 Teodoro Moscoso Alliance for Progress

 1961 Joseph W McGovern FU Law Professor and member NYS Board of Regents

 1960 Dr Charles H Malik President UN General Assembly

 1959 Cardinal Cushing

 1958 W.A. Harriman Governor of NY

1957 Rev. Laurence McGinley

1956 Rev Laurence McGinley

1955 Rev Laurence McGinley

1954 Robert D Murphy Deputy Under Secretary of State

1953 Rev Laurence McGinley

1952 Msgr John Middleton education secretary Arch of NY

1951 Rev Laurence McGinley

1950 Rev Laurence McGinley

1949 Rev Laurence McGinley

1948 Rev Robert Gannon

1947 Msgr Ferdinand Vandry Director of Laval University

1946 Gov Thomas Dewey (President Truman received an honorary degree and gave an address but it was not at June Commencement. It was in May)

1945 Major General Sir Walter Maxwell Scott

1944 Rev Robert Gannon

1943 Rev Robert Gannon

1942 Rev Robert Gannon

1941 Bishop J Francis McIntyre

 (This list was compiled by Paul Reilly, Class of 1980)