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Fordham University History: Presidents of Fordham University 1841-present

Everything you ever wanted to know about its history, people, places ... and maybe even a few things you didn't.

List of Presidents

Presidents of St. John’s College and Fordham University

Diocese of New York

1841-1843  Rev. John McCloskey*

1843           Rev. Ambrose Manahan

1843-1845   Rev. John Harley

1845-1846   Rev. James Roosevelt Bayley**

Society of Jesus

1846-1851  Rev. Augustus J. Thébaud, S.J.

1851-1854  Rev. John Larkin, S.J.

1854-1859  Rev. Remigius Tellier, S.J.

1859-1863  Rev. Augustus J. Thébaud, S.J.

1863-1865  Rev. Edward Doucet, S.J.

1865-1868  Rev. William Moylan, S.J.

1868-1874  Rev. Joseph Shea, S.J.

1874-1882  Rev. William Gockeln, S.J.

1882-1885  Rev. Patrick Dealy, S.J.

1885-1888  Rev. Thomas J. Campbell, S.J.

1888-1891  Rev. John Scully, S.J.

1891-1896  Rev. Thomas Gannon, S.J.

1896-1900  Rev. Thomas J. Campbell, S.J.

1900-1904  Rev. John A. Petit, S.J.

1904-1906  Rev. John J. Collins, S.J.***

1906-1911  Rev. Daniel J. Quinn, S.J.

1911-1915  Rev. Thomas J. McCloskey, S.J.

1915-1919  Rev. Joseph A. Mulry, S.J.

1919-1924  Rev, Edward P. Tivnan, S.J.

1924-1930  Rev. William A, Duane, S.J.

1930-1936  Rev. Aloysius J. Hogan, S.J.

1936-1949  Rev. Robert I. Gannon, S.J.

1949-1963  Rev. Laurence J. McGinley, S.J.

1963-1965  Rev. Vincent T. O’Keefe, S.J.

1965-1969  Rev. Leo P. McLaughlin, S.J.

1969-1972  Rev. Michael P. Walsh, S.J.

1972-1983  Rev. James C. Finlay, S.J.

1984-2003  Rev. Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J.

2003-          Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J.


 *Bishop of Albany 1847-1864; Archbishop of New York 1864-1885; First American Cardinal


**Bishop of Newark 1853-1872; Archbishop of Baltimore 1872-1877.

***Vicar Apostolic of Jamaica, British West Indies, 1907-1920


list compiled by Msgr Thomas Shelley

Meet The Presidents

Portraits of almost all the Presidents of Fordham were digitized during the Dodransbicentennial. Here is the timeline;