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Fordham University History: The Man - The Building

Everything you ever wanted to know about its history, people, places ... and maybe even a few things you didn't.

Larkin - Sciences

Named for John Larkin, S.J., Fordham University President (1851-1854)

McGinley - Student Center

Named after Laurence J. McGinley, S.J., Fordham University president (1949-1963)

Thebaud - Enrollment Services

Named after Augustus Thebaud, S.J., Fordham's first Jesuit President

Rodrigues - Coffee Shop

While the structure is technically called Alumni House, the coffee shop it contains is named for the builder and former resident, William Rodrigue, brother in law of Archbishop John Hughes

Keating - Classrooms & WFUV

Named for Joseph T. Keating, S.J., University treasurer (1910-1948)

John Mulcahy Hall - Computer/Science

Named after John Mulcahy, a former Trustee

Duane Library - Theology

Named for William J. Duane, S.J. University President (1924-1930)

Lombardi - Athletic Center

Named after Vince Lombardi, class of 1937 and Football Hall of Fame coach of the Green Bay Packers

Quinn Library

Named after Gerald M. Quinn, a Dean at Lincoln Center who died tragically in a car accident in 1991

O'Hare - Dormitory

Named after Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J., Fordham's longest serving president (1984-2003)





Named for Fr. Arthur V. Shea SJ, Dean of Students and Athletic Director.


Spellman - Jesuit Residence

Named after Fancis Cardinal Spellman, a member of the Class of 1911 and Arch bishop of NY

Freeman - Math & Science

Named for the Science Professor Thomas A.J. Freeman, S.J.

Walsh Library

Named after William D. Walsh, Class of 1951, and his wife, Jane

Collins Auditorium - Theatre

Named for John J. Collins, S.J., Fordham University President (1904 - 1906)

Tierney - Dormitory

Named in memory of Bill Tierney, a football player who died prior to the Rams' 1996 Homecoming game against Lafayette

Finlay - Dormitory

Named for James Finlay, S.J., University President (1972-1984)

Dealy - Humanities

Named for Patrick F. Dealy, S.J., president of the University from 1882 to 1885

Edward (Eddie's Parade)

Named after General Clarence R. Edwards, a professor of military science in the late 1800s


Coffey Field

Named after of John Francis Coffey, Class of 1910


Named for Cornelius Murphy, a football player who died from injuries suffered during the 1931 Fordham-Bucknell game

Leonard Hall - FORDHAM PREP


Named for Fr. John Leonard SJ  Patriarch of Fordham theater and former trustee.


Hughes - Gabelli School of Business

Named for Archbishop John Hughes, Archbishop of New York and founder of Fordham University (1841)

Faber - Modern Languages & Poli Sci

Named after Blessed Peter Faber

Walsh Hall - Dormitory

Named after Michael P. Walsh, S.J., University President (1969-1972)

Lowenstein - LC Main Campus

Named after Leon Lowenstein

Robert Moses - LC Plaza

Named after Robert Moses, who helped Fordham acquire and develop the land for the present LC campus 

Blessed Rupert Mayer Chapel

Name for Blessed Rupert Mayer S.J., a German Jesuit who opposed the Nazis

McMahon - LC Dormitory

Named for George McMahon, S.J., vice president of the Lincoln Center campus (1987-1995)

Loschert - Dormitory

Named for William J. Loschert, a Business School Alumnus (1961) and Fordham benefactor

Martyrs (Goupil, Jogues, LaLand) - Dorm

Each hall in this large dormitory is named after a Jesuit martyr, Isaac Jogues, John LaLande and Rene Goupil