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Fordham University History: Fordham - Did you know?

Everything you ever wanted to know about its history, people, places ... and maybe even a few things you didn't.

Fordham Facts and Trivia

In 1850 yearly Tuition was $200 and included 3 summer suits, 3 winter suits, 6 shirts, 6 pairs of socks, 6 hankercheifs, 6 towels, a hat, an overcoat, 1 silver spoon and a silver drinking cup with the student's name engraved on it.


The University motto is "Sapientia et Doctrina" meaning, "Wisdom and Learning"


Edger Allan Poe was friendly with the Fordham Jesuits and would spend many an evening in their company. It is said that his poem "The Bells" is written about the Fordham bells (though a church downtown also claims this honor).

Poe Cottage is still located just up the street from Fordham on Valentine Avenue. (For more information Click Here)


Edwards' Parade (aka Eddies) was Fordham's Original Football Field


Fordham played in the first televised football (1939) and basketball (1940) games


During WWII the Rose Hill Gym was turned into an army barrack.


Fordham's School Color was originally magenta (see why it was changed in the Songs and Symbols section)

Fordham University Press (est. 1907) is the oldest University Press at a Catholic institution

"FUV" as in WFUV stands for "Fordham University's Voice"

The name "Fordham" is derived from the Anglo Saxon words "ford" meaning to wade across a body of water, and "ham" meaning house or home.

A section of the 1920 Freshman Rule Book

1. Every Freshman must know his rules by heart; also the "Fordham Ram."

2. Freshman must always carry matches for upper-classmen.

3. Freshmen must move off the sidewalks to allow upper-classmen to pass. (Rule applies only when on campus).

4. Freshmen must wear hats prescribed by the Sophomores, on the campus and within one block of the campus.

5. Freshmen must wear black ties and socks on campus.

6. At any gathering of upper-classmen, Freshmen must perform as they are commanded.

7. Freshmen must tip their hats to Seniors while on campus.

8. Freshmen must wear regulation hats, ties, and socks at all athletic functions whether played at home or away.

9. No freshman is allowed to wear any insignia of any former school.

10. Freshmen cannot smoke in the presence of an upper-classman, without the permission of the upper-classman, on the campus

*A series of three football games will be played between the Freshmen and the Sophomores. If the Freshmen should win two games, Rule 10 will be modified

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