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Religion & Theology: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

Buddhism and Hinduism

Call Numbers

BL2390-2490      African

BL2420-2460      Egyptian

BQ1-9800             Buddhism

BQ128               Encyclopedias (General)

BQ130               Dictionaries (General)

BQ133               Terminology

BQ135               Questions and answers. Maxims (General)

BQ141-209        Religious education (General)

BQ210-219        Research

BQ251-799        History

BQ840-999        Biography

BQ1001-1045    Buddhist literature

BQ4600-4610    Relation to other religious and philosophical systems

BQ4620-4905    Buddhist pantheon

BQ4911-5720    Practice of Buddhism. Forms of worship

BQ6001-6160    Monasticism and monastic life Sagha (Order)

BQ6200-6240    Asceticism. Hermits. Wayfaring life

BQ6300-6388    Monasteries. Temples. Shrines. Sites

BQ7300-7529    Mahayana Buddhism

BQ9250-9519    Zen Buddhism


BL1100-1295          Hinduism

BL1100-1107.5           General

BL1108.2-1108.7        Religious education

BL1109.2-1109.7        Antiquities. Archaeology. Inscriptions

BL1111-1143.2           Sacred books. Sources

BL1112.2-1137.5        Vedic texts

BL1140.2-1140.4        Purā

BL1141.2-1142.6        Tantric texts

BL1145-1146              Hindu literature

BL1153.7-1168           By region or country

BL1212.32-1215         Doctrines. Theology

BL1216-1225              Hindu pantheon. Deities

BL1225.2-1243.58      Religious life

BL1243.72-1243.78    Monasteries. Temples, etc.

BL1271.2-1295           Modifications. Sects

BL1284.5-1289.592    Vaishnavism

BL1300-1380    Jainism

           BL1310-1314.2         Sacred books. Sources

           BL1315-1317            Jain literature

           BL1375.3-1375.7      Jaina pantheon. Deities

           BL1376-1378.85       Forms of worship

           BL1379-1380            Modifications, etc. 


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