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Fashion Research: Articles & Databases

This guide highlights print and electronic resources to support fashion research in the Fordham University Libraries.

Fashion Design Databases - Text

Fashion Business Databases

Journals, Periodicals & Trade Websites

Selected Scholarly Journals

Selected Popular & Trade Publications

Selected Trade Websites

Fashion & Sustainability Databases

Historical Databases with Fashion Content

Searching Tips & Training Videos

Think of variant words, both broad and specific. Think of similar terms in variant languages (based on the nationality of the designer).

  • Fabric – Textiles – Cloth – Silk – Wool
  • Dressmaking – Fashion – Couture - Haute Couture – Moda - Alta Moda
  • Footwear – Hats – Shoes – Lingerie – Foundations – Swimwear

Use truncation to find variant word endings

  • Cloth* will yield: clothing or clothes or cloth
  • Dress* will yield: dress or dressmaker or dressmaking

Consult the Help option in the database to determine the truncation symbol (usually it is the asterisk *).

Which Database for this Publication?

Search the Library Catalog to determine which database contains the full text of a publication, newspaper, journal, or other periodical.

Screenshot of a periodical title search in the library catalog.

Try searching with the Browse or Exact option (not Keyword):

Screenshot of a periodical record in the library catalog:

Screenshot of the list of databases that provide full text access to that periodical, including dates:

Selecting Authoritative Content

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