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Film & Television Studies: Industry & Labor

Provides an overview of resources available at Fordham University Libraries on Film & Television Studies.

Film & Television Industry Information

This page covers:

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Industry & News Databases

Databases enable searching by keyword across many trade & business publications at once.

Selected Trade Publications

Some industry trade publications are magazines by subscription with web components, while others are standalone websites. Below is a sampling of magazine & web-based trade publications.

Subscription Content

Website Content

Google Tips for Searching Industry Websites

Searching for Industry Websites

  • When using the open web to search for digital trade publications, check the "About" section to determine how the author or owner of a particular website is (or is not) connected to the film & television industry.

Deadline - About Us section of website


Using Google to Search the Content of an Industry Website

  • Google's search capabilities can be used to search the contents of a website. Try the following steps in Chrome:
    • Go to the address bar and type site search: [the url of the website you want to search] press the space bar then type your search terms and press Enter.
    • Here is a sample search of the Fordham website for references to "public media":


  • Google Scholar is preferred when searching for experts or research. It enables users to click on author links, see articles that cited an article, related articles, alternate versions, and full text access links (if available) on the right side.

Google Scholar example showing various links available for searching

  • Google Scholar can include full text links to library content if you set up library links. To add Fordham, New York Public Library, or other options, try the following:
    • Go to Google Scholar search page.
    • Click on the menu button Menu button and then click Settings button Settings.
    • Select Library links from the panel on the left.
    • Next, search for Fordham University and add the two available options. You may add up to five libraries where you have access privileges.


404 Errors & Websites that No Longer Exist

  • Copy & paste the website URL into the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to see if an archived version of the page is available.

Film & Television Industry Books

Try the following Library of Congress Subject Headings to search for books by subject in the Library Catalog covering the film & television industry:

  • Motion picture industry
  • Motion pictures--Production and direction
  • Television--Production and direction

Diversity in the Industry

Legal Resources

Looking for federal or state-based labor laws or regulations relating to the film & television industry? Documents from a court case?

Labor Information & Statistics

Government Industry Links for NY & CA

Reference & Instruction Department

Reference & Instruction Department
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