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Fordham Forward Libraries: Fordham Museum

Museum Access Policy for Fall 2021

Updated Museum Access Policy

Fall 2021

As a result of ongoing maintenance and reinstallation, the Museum will be closed as an open study room and to walk-in campus visitors for the Fall 2021 semester. The Museum is open, by appointment only, with the Curator for classes actively using the Collection, and to those requesting a formal tour. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to reopen as a study space, and to walk-in visitors, in Spring 2022.

To view photographs of museum objects and learn more about the collection, visit our Digital Collections.

Votive Head of a Young Man

Votive Head of a Young Man

Terracotta, 3rd-2nd century BCE

Fordham Museum 10.027

Apulian Red-Figured Volute Krater

Volute Krater

Apulian Red-Figured Volute Krater

ca. 330 BCE

Fordham Museum 7.07