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Biographical Research: Finding Articles

Trustworthy biographical data is a cornerstone of research, whether one needs to place a person in historical and cultural context, verify birth date and place, or introduce a speaker to an audience.

Three Ways to Search Explained

Quick Search #1 - Fordham Catalog (Print & Electronic)

This is the Traditional Fordham Library Catalog.  Use this option to search the catalog for ALL items owned by Fordham (all campuses). Includes books, ebooks, periodicals, government documents, videos & dvds, maps, etc.

If you are looking for a film, click on Advanced Search and use the drop down box for TYPE to select Video Material (DVD, VHS, ect.). Then use the keyword, title, subject, or author boxes to search for your item.

Quick Search #2 - OneSearch Discovery

The OneSearch includes the Fordham Library Catalog, most of the databases, the Institutional Repository, and our Digital Collections. When you search using OneSearch, you will find books, articles, images, graphs, charts, and more.

The purpose of OneSearch is to streamline your research process; one search will yield books as well as articles.  Unfortunately, many of the unique features of the discipline specific databases are not included in the OneSearch.  Upper level discipline specific researchers should consult the primary databases of their field.

Quick Search #3 - Electronic Books & Journals 

If you ONLY WANT ELECTRONIC resources, this is the search for you.  Keep in mind that Fordham owns rich resources in a wide variety of formats.  By limiting your search to only electronically available items, you my exclude critical research resources on your topic.

General Databases

If you are looking for biographical information about someone who is recently in the news, but not yet established as a notable individual, you should try searchings these databases. 

Search the person's name and limit by the word biography or interview or by the document type.

Example:     “Esperanza Spalding” AND  interview

General Databases - Historical Biographies

If you are looking for historical biographical information, you should try searchings these databases.

Search the person's name and limit by the word biography or interview or by the document type.

Biography Databases

Selected Electronic Biography Journals

Below are selected electronic journals in the field.   The library may own one journal in multiple formats (electronic, print, and microform).  For a more comprehensive list of our journal holdings, please consult the catalog.

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