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Social Services: GSS Videos p. I

Welcome to my Guide to electronic, print, and video resources on the study and practice of social work.

GSSS Videos at Fordham Libraries


  •  GSSS videos at Quinn Library circulate exclusively for GSSS Faculty for up to seven (7) days.  For students as well as for members of all other departments, they may be viewed in-house but are noncirculating.
  •  Videos may be placed on course reserve for ten (10) days by GSSS faculty members.  Videos on reserve may only be borrowed by other GSSS faculty members with written permission by the instructor for whom that item is on reserve. 
  •  GSSS videos currently charged out to a colleague can be obtained by contacting Hanna Kokila at (212) 636-6604.  Please contact the Quinn Library AV Department at (212) 636-7227 for the name of the current borrower before calling Hanna.



GSSS Videos at Fordham: A-F

AIDS and Ethics Forum: The Unexplained Face of AIDS (audio cassette) 54 Room 102
AIDS, Helping Families Cope RA644.A25 A3657 Quinn Library
Activity Based Intervention W VHS 3876 Quinn Library
The Administrative Role in a Changing Environment W VHS 3950 Quinn Library
Adult Development: Reality or Fantasy 63 Room 102
Against All Odds: Inside Statistics W VHS 733 Quinn Library
Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq W DVD 10,427 Quinn Library
America's War on Poverty 1-5 W VHS 305  Quinn Library
And Thou Shalt Honor W VHS 3876 Quinn Library
Anxiety Disorders: New Diagnostic Issues W VHS 2109 
Quinn Library
Room 102
Art Therapy: The Healing Vision W VHS 3482 Quinn Library
Ask Not W DVD 10,281 Quinn Library
Assessment of Sexual Trauma in the Adult Female W VHS 3483 Quinn Library
Assessing Violence Risk W VHS 3490 Quinn Library
Avoiding Conflict: Dispute Resolution without Violence W VHS 2252 Quinn Library
Babakiueria W VHS 3855 Quinn Library
Baghdad ER W DVD 5217 Quinn Library
Before I Die: Medical Care and Personal Choices: A Fred Friendly Seminar  W VHS 1471 Quinn Library
Beneath the Veil W VHS 3922 Quinn Library
Big Mama W VHS 4640 Quinn Library
Brief Treatment, Clinical Practice, Substance Abuse  40 Room 102
A Brooklyn Family Tale W VHS 4664 Quinn Library
Bubbeh Lee & Me W VHS 3331  Quinn Library
Building on Adolescent Expertise W VHS 4999 Quinn Library
Busted: America's War on Marijuana W VHS 1465 Quinn Library
Case Management W DVD 2039 Quinn Library
A Child's View of Grief W VHS 4517  Quinn Library
Childhood Sexual Trauma: A Therapist's Response W VHS 2088
Quinn Library
Room 102
Chronic Illness: The Constant Companion W VHS 3484 Quinn Library
Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class W DVD 5547 Quinn Library
A Class Divided W VHS 1463 Quinn Library
The Client Record and Professional Liability W VHS 2099 Quinn Library
Clinical Dilemmas in Marriage: Search for Equal Partnership 30
W VHS 3493
Room 102
Quinn Library
Clinical Vignettes for the DSM-III-R Training Program 8
W VHS 2105
Room 102
Quinn Library
Clinical Vignettes DSM IV  49 Room 102
Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction 1-5 W VHS 2244 Quinn Library
Closet Narcissistic Disorder: The Masterson Approach W VHS 3496 Quinn Library
The Clumsy Counsellor W VHS 5548 Quinn Library
Cognitive-Behavior Therapy W VHS 2037 Quinn Library
Cognitive Therapy for Addictions W VHS 5087
W VHS 5087
Quinn Library
Room 102
The Color of Fear W VHS 3328 Quinn Library
Coming through the Ceiling W VHS 2070
Quinn Library
Room 102
Constructing the Multi-Generational Family Genogram W VHS 2571
Quinn Library
Room 102
Couple Therapy #2 41 Room 102
The Cross-Cultural Therapeutic Alliance: The African-American Patient  W VHS 3485 Quinn Library
Cycle of Recovery 6 Room 102
DSM-IV Videotaped Clinical Vignettes W VHS 3498 Quinn Library
The Daughter Who Said No W VHS 1993 Quinn Library
A Day's Work, A Day's Pay W VHS 5059 Quinn Library
The Deadly Deception W VHS 5573
W VHS 5573
Quinn Library
Gaines Library
Death of Two Sons W DVD 9415 Quinn Library
A Demonstration of the Initial Interview for Brief and Emergency Psychotherapy W VHS 2104
Quinn Library
Room 102
The Derek Bok Center Series on College Teaching W DVD 10,667 Quinn Library
Diagnosis According to the DSM-IV RC455.2.C4 D52
W VHS 3491
Tape 2 Unavailable 
Quinn Library
Quinn Library
Diagnosis and Treatment of the Major Psychiatric Disorders: Depression, Anxiety, and Psychosis W DVD 5546 Quinn Library
A Dialogue about  Recovery: Consumer-Practitioners and Psychiatrists Discuss Self-Help and Coping W VHS 2219 
Quinn Library
Room 102
Dialogue on Recovery II Coping 32 Room 102
Discovering Psychology W VHS 211 Quinn Library
Domestic Violence W VHS 1492 Quinn Library
Domestic Violence: Faces of Fear W VHS 2862 Quinn Library
DSM-IV Videotaped Clinical Vignettes (v.1-v.2) W VHS 3498 Quinn Library
Dynamics and Skills of the Middle Phase of Practice Part 1 & 2 W VHS 2203
Quinn Library
Room 102
Elder Voices: A Living History Theater Workshop  113 Room 102
Enemy in Myself 56 Room 102
Escape from Depressoland 29 Room 102
Essentials of Play Therapy with Abused Children W VHS 4635 Quinn Library
Ethics in Action W VHS 2200 Quinn Library
Ethnic and Cultural Assessment Issues in Mental Health W VHS 2112 Quinn Library
Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership W VHS 2085 Quinn Library
The Eye of the Storm W VHS 4946 Quinn Library
Failure to Protect W VHS 4638 Quinn Library
Families, Trauma & Stress  W VHS 3486 Quinn Library
Family Interview  45 Room 102
Family Matters W VHS 2111 Quinn Library
Family Secrets: Implications for Theory and Therapy W VHS 2042
Quinn Library
Room 102
Family Systems Therapy W VHS 5325 Quinn Library
Family Systems Therapy with an Individual: Conducting the First Two Sessions W VHS 3487 Quinn Library
Family Therapy Session - Schizophrenia - Part I 12  Room 102
Family Therapy Session - Schizophrenia - Part II 13  Room 102
Family Violence: Breaking the Chain W VHS 2251 Quinn Library
Family Violence Child Sexual Abuse - A Multi-Systems Approach 46 Room 102
Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Other Identities  W VHS 657 Quinn Library
Four Families Parts I & II 37 Room 102
From a Secret Place: America's Families Cope with the Coming Out Process of Gay and Lesbian Youth W VHS 3492 Quinn Library
From Maid & Court Jester to Queen & King: Or How to Take Charge of Parenting Interventions W VHS 2218 
Quinn Library 
Room 102
Frontline: The High Price of Health W VHS 1459 Quinn Library


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