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Social Services: GSS Videos p. 2

Welcome to my Guide to electronic, print, and video resources on the study and practice of social work.

GSSS Videos at Fordham Libraries


  •  GSSS videos at Quinn Library circulate exclusively for GSSS Faculty for up to seven (7) days.  For students as well as for members of all other departments, they may be viewed in-house but are noncirculating.
  •  Videos may be placed on course reserve for ten (10) days by GSSS faculty members.  Videos on reserve may only be borrowed by other GSSS faculty members with written permission by the instructor for whom that item is on reserve. 
  •  GSSS videos currently charged out to a colleague can be obtained by contacting Hanna Kokila at (212) 636-6604.  Please contact the Quinn Library AV Department at (212) 636-7227 for the name of the current borrower before calling Hanna.



GSSS Videos at Fordham: G-L


Girls Like Us

W VHS 2097 Quinn Library
Golden Venture W DVD 5879 Quinn Library
The Grapes of Wrath W VHS 718 Quinn Library
Group Work 1-4: Substance Abuse 26 Room 102
Group Work 5-8: Substance Abuse 27 Room 102
Heroin W VHS 1491 Quinn Library
Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street W VHS 3258 Quinn Library
A House Divided - Structural Therapy with a Black Family W VHS 2084
Quinn Library
Room 102
I'd Hear Laughter W VHS 5565 Quinn Library
The Inner Healer W VHS 3497 Quinn Library
Inside Prisons W VHS 1490 Quinn Library
Integrative Therapy W VHS 2036 Quinn Library
The Internship Videotape Library W VHS 3526 Quinn Library
Introduction to Biofeedback  3 Room 102
Journey to America W VHS 513 Quinn Library
The Joys and Surprises of Telling Your Life Story W VHS 4641
Quinn Library
Room 102
Juvenile Justice in the United States W VHS 3866 Quinn Library
Kids Behind Bars W VHS 1917 Quinn Library
Ladybird, Ladybird W VHS 5165 (2 Copies) Quinn Library
Legacies of Social Change W VHS 3745 Quinn Library
Legacy W VHS 3884 Quinn Library
Letting Go: A Hospice Journey W VHS 2082
Quinn Library
Room 102
Life's First Feelings W VHS 1850 Quinn Library
Little Criminals W VHS 1456 Quinn Library
Live Family Therapy Case Consultation, May 23, 1986 W VHS 2216 Quinn Library
Living with Grief after Sudden Loss W VHS 4516 Quinn Library
Love & Diane W VHS 5078 Quinn Library

GSSS Videos at Fordham: M-S

Making a Difference: Influencing Social Policy W VHS 3736 Quinn Library
Making Divorce Work: A Clinical Approach to the Binuclear Family W VHS 2041
Quinn Library
Room 102
Making Peace, programs 101-102 W VHS 2056 Quinn Library
Making Peace, programs 103-104 W VHS 2056 Quinn Library
Mattering: A Journey with Rural Youth W VHS 2110 Quinn Library
Men in Therapy: Men's Issues and Group Treatment W VHS 3488 Quinn Library
MICA: Problems & Solutions in Treating the Mentally Ill W VHS 2278  Quinn Library
The Mind / The Brain: Classroom Series (v.1-v.10) W VHS 1435 Quinn Library
Miss Evers' Boys W VHS 3525
Quinn Library
Room 102
Mixed Anxiety and Depression: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach W DVD 7121
Quinn Library
Room 102
Models of Psychotherapy 39 Room 102
Mood Disorders: New Diagnostic Issues W VHS 2108 Quinn Library
Motivational Interviewing W DVD 10,434 & W DVD 10,437 Quinn Library
My Retirement Dreams W VHS 1461 Quinn Library
Narrative Therapy: Family Therapy with the Experts W VHS 5562 Quinn Library
Narrative Therapy: With Steve Madigan W VHS 2038
Quinn Library
Room 102
Navajo Indian Family 16 Room 102
Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia W VHS 3494 Quinn Library
No Place Like Home W VHS 2103 Quinn Library 
No Time to Lose W VHS 2120
Quinn Library
Room 102
NY News 1: Domestic Violence Special, June 30, 1994 W VHS 2113 Quinn Library
Number Our Days W VHS 4191 Quinn Library
Object-Relations Therapy W VHS 2220 Quinn Library
Off to War W DVD 10,428 Quinn Library
The Orphan Trains W VHS 503
Quinn Library
Room 102
Our Children at Risk W VHS 3933 Quinn Library
Out for Good! What it Takes to Stay Out of Prison W VHS 3874 Quinn Library
Outriders W VHS 4408 Quinn Library
PTSD "Beyond Survival": A Psychoeducational Videotape about the Effects of Trauma 47 Room 102
Parkinson's Disease: Coming to Terms W VHS 3495 Quinn Library
Play Therapy: Bouncing into the Basics W DVD 5545 Quinn Library
Play Therapy for Severe Psychological Trauma W VHS 4636 Quinn Library
Prison Crowding W VHS 1493 Quinn Library
Problem-Solving in Group Work W VHS 1765 Quinn Library
Professional Choices: Ethics at Work W VHS 2101
Quinn Library
Room 102
Psychopharmacology 18 Room 102
Psychotic Disorders (DSM IV): New Diagnostic Issues W VHS 2107 Quinn Library
The Question of Equality W VHS 3316 Quinn Library
Recovering from Traumatic Events: The Healing Process W VHS 4995 Quinn Library
Reflections on Social Work with Groups W VHS 2043  Quinn Library
Regarding Ourselves: Women in Social Work W VHS 4402
Quinn Library
Room 102
Research Methods for the Social Sciences W VHS 3327  Quinn Library
Resistance to Change W VHS 4003 Quinn Library
Reunion at Boys Town  19  Room 102
The Savage Cycle W VHS 4362 Quinn Library
School: The Story of American Public Education W VHS 3924 Quinn Library
A Sense of Alienation or Belonging: Building Bridges through Group Involvement W VHS 2170 Quinn Library
The Separation Individuation Process: The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant W VHS 2253
Quinn Library
Room 102
Sex, Teens, and Public Schools W VHS 3932 Quinn Library
Sisters and Parents: A Family Finds Options 20 Room 102
The Skills of Helping (Program 1) W DVD 5587 Quinn Library
The Skills of Helping (Program 2) W VHS 2215 
21 & 22
Quinn Library
Room 102
So Close a Nation W VHS 3733 Quinn Library
The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces HT153 .W51 Quinn Library
Social Workers and the Challenge of Violence Worldwide HV40.35 .S62 1996 Quinn Library
Solution-Focused Brief Group Therapy W VHS 5009 Quinn Library
Solution Focused Therapy (Psychotherapy with the Experts) W VHS 2221 
Quinn Library
Room 102
State vs Swan: Courtroom Testimony in a Criminal Child Sexual Abuse Case W VHS 2098 Quinn Library
A Strange Partnership: The Incest Perpetrator and the Mental Health Professional  W VHS 3489 Quinn Library
State vs. Swan: Courtroom Testimony in a Criminal Child Sexual Abuse Case W VHS 2098 Quinn Library
Stolen Childhoods W DVD 1750 Quinn Library
Suicide Risk Assessment W VHS 2045 Quinn Library
Suicide: What You Need to Know W VHS 3737 Quinn Library
Surviving AIDS W VHS 1798 Quinn Library


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