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Humanitarian Studies Programs: Operational Assistance Sectors

Research Guide for Fordham's Humanitarian Studies programs

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Mental Health in Complex Emergencies

IASC - MHPSS in Emergencies Guidelines 

Published in 2007 by the Inter-agency Standing Committee and available in 14 languages, this is a seminal document in the field of humanitarian mental health and psychosocial work. While designed for emergencies, the guidelines can be extended to any program which could influence mental health and well-being. - Emergency Toolkit

A compilation of numerous multilingual resources that would be relevant to mental health and psychosocial programming in an emergency. Available in web page and PDF format in three parts: General Technical Guidelines & Resources, Assessment & Mapping Guides, and Programme Implementation. 

IASC - MHPSS Monitoring & Evaluation Framework

This 2021 document builds on the IASC guidelines and offers guidance on the 'assessment, research, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programmes in emergency settings.' - Education in Emergencies (EiE) and MHPSS

This toolkit offers access to resources relevant to both EiE and MHPSS. Its express goal is to increase understanding between the two sectors, which must be in constant dialogue. 

MHPSS - IASC MHPSS Monitoring & Evaluation MoV Toolkit developed the IASC MHPSS M&E Framework MoV toolkit to accompany the framework and serve as a resource to maintain and disseminate these tools in a single, easy to use format. - The Children & Families MHPSS Resource Collection 

This resource collection offers access to a staggering amount of resources relevant to MHPSS for children and families. It disaggregates these resources by twelve sectors and nine programming areas. 

IOM - Manual on Community-Based MHPSS in Emergencies and Displacement

An operational guideline which describes the design and implementation process for IOM MHPSS program managers. It is intended as guidance for all MHPSS experts in the field. 

WHO - mhGAP Intervention Guide 2.0 

This is the second version of the 2016 mhGAP intervention guide. It provides key guidance for the management of mental neurological, and substance (MSN) disorders. Its guidance is grounded in algorithms of clinical decision making. 


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