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Classics: Catalogs, Call Numbers, Text Collections

The study of the languages, literature, philosophy, history, art, and culture of the ancient Mediterranean world (Bronze Age ca. BC 3000 – Late Antiquity ca. AD 300–600); especially Greece and Rome during Classical Antiquity (ca. BC 600 – AD 600).

Classics Call Numbers

PA1-9                Print Periodicals
PA51-85            History, study & teaching
PA111-199        Greek & Latin Language
PA201–1179      Greek Philology & Language
PA600–691        Hellenistic (κοινή) Greek
PA700–791        Biblical Greek
PA2001-2915     Latin philology and language
PA3000-3049     Classical literature
PA3050-4505     Greek literature
        PA3300–3371   Papyri
        PA3300-3516   Collections
        PA3520-3564   Criticism, interpretation, etc.
        PA3601-3681   Translations
        PA3818-4505   Individual authors
PA3825-3849   Aeschylus
PA3851-3858   Aesop
PA3890-3926   Aristotle
PA3949-3964   Demosthenes
PA3973-3992   Euripedes
PA4018-4209   Homer
PA4279-4333   Plato
PA4367-4389   Plutarch
PA4413-4434   Sophocles
PA4452-4486   Thucydides
PA4494-4499   Xenophon
PA6000-6971   Roman literature
        PA6100-6140   Collections
        PA6141-6144   Criticism, interpretation, etc.
        PA6155-6191   Translations
        PA6202-6971   Individual authors
PA6235-6269   Caesar, Julius
PA6278-6370   Cicero, Marcus Tullius
PA6393-6444   Horace
PA6482-6496   Lucretius Carus, Titus
PA6501-6510   Martial
PA6519-6553   Ovid
PA6568-6609   Plautus, Titus Maccius
PA6611-6637   Pliny, the Elder
PA6661-6693   Seneca, Lucius Annaeus
PA6705-6753   Tacitus, Cornelius
PA6755-6785   Terentius Apher, Publius (Terence)
PA6801-6961   Vergilius Maro, Publius (Virgil)
D51–90            Ancient History (General)
DA145–147      Roman Britain
DC62–63          Roman Gaul
DE 1-100          The Greco-Roman World
DF1-500           Ancient Greece (to c. 323 A.D.)
DG1–399          Ancient Italy, Rome to 476 A.D.
DS 54.3            Ancient Cyprus
DS71–75          Ancient Iraq to 638 A.D.
DS81                Phoenicia
DS96                Ancient Syria, including the Seleucids
DS111–123       Ancient Israel
DS275–287       Iran to 651 AD
DT57–93         Ancient Egypt, including the Ptolemies (DT92)

B108–708         Ancient Philosophy
BL700–820       Classical Religion and Mythology
BR160–240       Early History of Christianity
CE21–46           Ancient Chronography
CE42–46          Greek & Roman Calendars
CJ201–1400      Ancient Coins
CN1–1100        Ancient Epigraphy
G82–88             Ancient Geography
G1033                Atlases of the Ancient World
GT530–580        Ancient dress and costume
GV17–35, 573     Ancient Sports and Games
HC31–39           Ancient Economic History
HD132–137       Ancient Economic History (Land)
HD4844             Labor in the Ancient World
HF355–381       History of Ancient Trade and Commerce
HN9–10            Ancient Social History
HQ13                 Ancient Sexuality
HQ505–12          The Family in Antiquity
HQ1127–1139     Women in the Ancient World
HT863                Ancient Slavery
JC51–93            Ancient Political Institutions & Theory
KJA                   Roman Law
ML162-169        Ancient Music
N5320-5899       Fine Arts in Antiquity
NA210–340       Ancient Architecture
NA69–169         Ancient Sculpture
ND60–135         Ancient Painting
NK610–685       Ancient Decorative Arts
NK1180–1250    Ancient Decoration and Ornament
NK4645–4654    Greek & Roman Vases
R126–127          Ancient Medical Works
R135                  History of Ancient Medicine
T16                   Ancient Technology
U29–35            Warfare in Antiquity
Z105–115         Paleography
Z7016–7030     Bibliography of Classics

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