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SWGS 6627 Leadership and Macro Practice I (Prof. Poindexter): Search Terms

"This two-semester course prepares social work practitioners to operate from the framework of human rights, social and economic justice, and empowerment." - Prof. Poindexter; Nick Alongi, Editor.

Subject Terms

Combine terms with the Boolean operators AND/OR/NOT to create different searches.

Create search terms by noting keywords from abstracts (article summaries), article citations, and Tables of Contents.


Some search term suggestions:


Asset assessment

Change - initiation by social workers

Community assessment

Community-based interventions

Community change strategies

Community development

Community engagement

Community organization

Community practice skills

Community transformation

Community work practice

Critical thinking


Ethics and social welfare

Ethical dilemmas

Ethical leadership

Goals and outcomes

Human rights

Human service organizations

Human services management

Internal organization - assessment

Intervention - planning, monitoring

Interviewing skills

Leadership - decision making

Leadership style

Leadership - moral and ethical aspects

Macro social work perspective

Management/administration in social work

Needs assessment

Objectives for intervention

Organizational administration

Organizational leadership

Organizational practice

Organizational structure

Policy analysis

Practitioners - roles and responsibilities

Resistance to change

Resource considerations

Resource development

Social advocacy

Social change - United States

Social conditions

Social justice

Social reform

Social work and human rights

Social work leadership - core attributes

Social work administration - evaluation

Team work








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