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SWGS 6627 Leadership and Macro Practice I (Prof. Poindexter): APA

"This two-semester course prepares social work practitioners to operate from the framework of human rights, social and economic justice, and empowerment." - Prof. Poindexter; Nick Alongi, Editor.

Which APA Edition to Use? Consult Your Instructor.

APA 6th EDITION (see left column) or APA 7th EDITION (see right column)

Why Use APA Style?

  • APA:  the writing and documentation style of the American Psychological Association; used in the social sciences, e.g., education, business, social work, nursing.
  • APA:  has standardized methods for citing print and electronic sources in research.
  • APA:  offers a uniform style so that all researchers "are on the same page."
  • APA:  presents a way to organize and communicate technical information so that writing is universally understood.
  • The purpose of citing is to help readers locate the sources from your paper and to give proper credit to the author(s).

Sample Paper With Examples - 6th EDITION

APA Tutorials (6th EDITION)

Video: APA (6th EDITION) Paper in Word with Title Page and Running Head - PC

It may be difficult to position the page number and the running head on the first page and then format them differently on subsequent pages.

Watch all or part of this 18-minute YouTube video which explains how to set the format in Word using Windows. Here are the time segments in case you want to skip around the tutorial:

VIDEO CONTENTS: 0:00 About this Video 0:53 Margins, Font, Line Spacing 5:45 Title Page 7:11 Running Head 11:43 Abstract 13:46 Title 14:32 Section Headings 18:21 Closing Remarks

Source: Samuel Forlenza, published January 6, 2018 on

Video: APA Paper (6th EDITION) Using Word 2011 - Mac

Tutorial by Terrance D. Jorgensen, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA demonstrating how to type a paper using APA format on a Mac computer.

This is a 10-min. video.

APA Instruction Books - All 6th EDITION

7th Edition APA Publication Manual

APA Citation - 7th Edition APA Style Site Written by APA Staff

Student Sample Paper Written by APA Staff - 7th Edition

Websites - APA 7th Edition


According to Fordham's Academic Honor Code, "plagiarism occurs when individuals attempt to present as their own what has come from another source. Plagiarism takes place whether such theft is accidental or deliberate. It is no defense to claim that one has 'forgotten' to document ideas or material taken from another source . . ."

Become familiar with the writing style guide suggested by your professor.  Almost all subject areas have their own style guides. The more common styles are presented under the page "Citation/Documentation;" APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style (CMS).

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