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SWGS 6627 Leadership and Macro Practice I (Prof. Poindexter): Community Assessment

"This two-semester course prepares social work practitioners to operate from the framework of human rights, social and economic justice, and empowerment." - Prof. Poindexter; Nick Alongi, Editor.

Assignment: Community-Based Asset-Based Assessment

According to page 7 of Prof. Poindexter's class syllabus for the Fall 2015 semester, "the common assignment . .  is a term project due in stages, to facilitate feedback and success.  The purpose of this assignment is to teach asset-based, rights-based assessment skills in leadership."

In summary, it includes the following steps:

  1. Conduct a literature review.
  2. Develop an interview guide for your assessment interviews.
  3. Interview 8 stakeholders for the capacity assessment study.
  4. Prepare a final assessment report.

Assessment Info: The Community Toolbox

Perhaps some of the information from The Community Tool Box below may be helpful to you as you begin your assessment; The Community Tool Box is a service of the Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas.

In the Table of Contents, click on Chapter 3. Assessing Community Needs and Resources

Web Content: Community Assessment

Note:  These sites are no substitute for the directions about community assessment from Prof. Poindexter.

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