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Fake News: Satirical News

Understanding the Fake News Ecosystem

What is Satire?

Screenshot of the satirical news website the OnionYou may already be familiar with popular satirical news sites like the Borowitz Report, the Onion, or SatireWire.

But there are many, many more. Some satirical news sites are easy to suss out by their names, such as Click Hole, the Daily WTF, and the Oxymoron. However, others have names that seem as if they could be reputable, like the Daily Currant, the Valley News, and Weekly World News.

It may be easy to tell on the satirical newspaper website that it is not reporting real news, but if you take one article in isolation, it can be more difficult.


Checking Satire

Definition of satire from Merriam Webster. Satire: a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn.

History and Theory of Satire

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