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Chemistry: Special Subjects in Chemistry

Research and reference sources for chemistry

Analytical Chemistry Resources

Selected Analytical Chemistry Journals: 

Inorganic Chemistry Resources

Selected Inorganic Chemistry Journals: 

Library of Congress Call Numbers - Chemistry Subjects

Library of Congress call numbers for chemistry topics: 

  • QD1-65 - General Including alchemy

  • QD71-142 - Analytical chemistry

  • QD146-197 - Inorganic chemistry

  • QD241-441 - Organic chemistry

  • QD415-436 - Biochemistry

  • QD450-801 - Physical and theoretical chemistry

  • QD625-655 - Radiation chemistry

  • QD701-731 - Photochemistry

  • QD901-999 - Crystallography

Theoretical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, and Computational Chemistry Resources

Selected Quantum Chemistry Journals:

Math for Chemistry