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SWGS 6208 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I: Project: Assessing Neighborhood as Community

Library resource guide for students in SWGS 6208; Nick Alongi, Editor.

Census/Demographic/Statistical Web Content

Assignment: Assessing Neighborhood as Community

According to the SWGS 6208 syllabus, "the assessment should  . . . focus [not only on areas of need] but also "on assets and strengths  of the neighborhood and community, and on 'capacity building.'

Students should gather information that is relevant to the following dimensions of community as delineated by Kirst-Ashman (2014, pp. 395-398):

  • Demographics
  • Social networks 
  • Income/wealth distribution & disparities 
  • Assessment of educational facilities & quality of education
  • Housing
  • Health/welfare systems & access to resources
  • Social Control (formal and informal) 

Crime Statistics

For small towns, villages, and other entities, get crime statistics from the village's local newspaper and by contacting the area's police department. See the link below for a listing of police agencies in New York State.

City Data

Tips for finding city data:

  • Search the official city website.
  • Call community organizations.
  • Read press releases.
  • Note city council meetings & watch live local government channels.
  • Find a Council of Neighborhood Associations.


Contact the U.S. Census Bureau

Have questions about U.S. Census data?


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