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Digital Collections Metadata: Metadata Standards

This guide's primary function is to explain what metadata is and what metadata should be used for Fordham Libraries' Digital Collections.

Metadata and Cataloging- Standards and Schemas

As you read in "What is metadata?" there are many different components to pulling the proper data out of your objects and the digital versions you create. The next step after learning exactly what metadata is and how it applied to your digital collection is to figure out how to document the data about your objects. Fortunately, this conversation has already happened and has led to a number of different standards and schemas that allow you to translate your data into both human and machine ready formats. While the general preference of the Fordham University Libraries Digital Collection is Dublin Core in order to make the metadata more accessible to other repositories, other standards and schemas have been outlined below. Keeping your metadata in a consistent form is essential for breaking down silos and allowing for aggregation into larger pools of resources such as the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Europeana

Metadata Standards and Schemas

Cataloging Standards and Schemas