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Digital Collections Metadata: About

This guide's primary function is to explain what metadata is and what metadata should be used for Fordham Libraries' Digital Collections.

About this Guide

This guide is meant for those who are working with Fordham University Libraries in order to create and curate a digital collection on the "Fordham University Libraries Digital Collections" webpage. The guide will provide general information about the process of creating metadata for these digital collections. Please note that this does not cover other digital projects. For more assistance with digital projects on other platforms please contact the library.

Fordham Libraries Digital Collections - Background

Fordham University Libraries Digital Collections currently uses the CONTENTdm platform. CONTENTdm is digital collection management software that is licensed through OCLC. This is not a replacement for ARES or Blackboard. Instead, this is a way to showcase the many projects and collections that reflect Fordham University's mission. 

Fordham Libraries Digital Collection - Scope

The different types of collections within our CONTENTdm platform include an expansive variety of materials. This includes books, newspapers, video tutorials, filmed conferences, filmed presentations, audio recordings, filmed performances, letters, photographs, artwork, three-dimensional objects, and more. The platform allows us to not only include these materials in different collections, but also have collections that contain a variety of different types of materials. In many cases this can make the theme of the collection much more robust and well-rounded.

Fordham Libraries Digital Collections - A Snapshot