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Opera and Song Literature Research Guide: Guide for the Study of Opera

This guide provides access to sites containing thousands of musical and visual examples, public domain scores, operatic libretti and century-spanning sheet music.

World's Top Opera Festivals

Verdian Doings

Welcome to the Opera and Vocal Music Study Guide!

Musical Scores

Opera History

Opera as a Career

Well-Known Vocal Competitions

Information on Fordham hardcopy and Ebook collection concerning the subject of Opera

                                                      In order to explore Fordham's collection of  materials related to opera or song literature, click on the Fordham Library Catalogue link located on the left side of our Libary Homepage.

When the screen changes, click on Library Catalogue Search. At the next screen type 'Opera' or 'Song' into the Subject box and click on 'search'. A list of over 900 titles of both hard-copy and Electronic books will appear on the screen in scrollable format.

If you have a specific title in mind, you also have the option of typing it in the  'title' box and clicking 'search'.

If you happen to be in the library and just feel like browsing, take a stroll over to the 'M' section. The Library of Congress call number system, which we use, designates 'M' for musical scores, ML for Literature on Music and MT for Music Instruction and Study.


A sampling of subject-related Ebooks

Personal Reccomendation

Opera Abroad

For Research Assistance

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Opera Resources on the World Wide Web

Opera-related sites available to the Fordham community

Examples of vocal types

A Modicum of Mozart

All things Wagnerian

Opera Libretti

A list of approximately 40 links to various opera and operetta libretto web-sites.

Recommendations for basic opera studies for beginners

Opera-Related Humor

Top Ten Horrifyingly Difficult Opeatic Arias