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Environmental Studies: Green Initiatives at Fordham

This is a guide to Fordham Library resources on scholarship and current information on all matters green. It includes reference sources, handbooks, manuals, databases and websites concerned with environmental histories, organizations, and effective activ

Environmental Studies at Fordham

The Environmental Studies Department offers a major in Environmental Studies with concentrations in several areas:

  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Politics, Government and Regulation
  • Sustainable Business and Environment
  • Environmental Design
  • Conservation Biology
  • Environmental Organizations 
  • Parks, Recreation & Public Land Management
  • Organic Agriculture and Food Security
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Communications
  • Medicine, Public Health and Nutrition
  • Environmental Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
  • Environmental History and American Studies
  • Environmental Art and Literature, and
  • Sustainable Development

The department also offers a minor, and study abroad opportunities.

Toward a more sustainable Fordham

Have a look at the Changemaker Blog for inspiring coverage of student eco-activism at Fordham.

Solarizing Fordham


A 963-kilowatt solar panel array now resides atop the five-story parking garage on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. Comprising 2,790 individual solar panels, the array expands greatly on the 84-panel array installed on the roof of the Walsh Library in 2010.


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