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American Civil War and Fordham: Home

Ford's Theater Program

"The morning we received the news of the death of President Lincoln gloom settled over the entire college, even the southern boys, who before had censored him, now felt that they had lost a valuable friend whose great qualities would be missed in the coming reconstruction."


Richard S. Treacy, Class of 1869

Gift of Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY

Fordham College and the Civil War


Fordham University was founded in 1841 as St John’s College in the village of Fordham.  By 1861 this small Catholic college had graduated approximately 100 men. Among those alumni were four generals,six colonels and five captains who served in the Union army, twelve men who served in the Confederate Army and three Jesuit professors from St. John’s who served as army chaplains.


Alcee Atocha, Lt. Col                                                

Captain Edward Binsse, Class of 1854

Edward Brownson, BA 1861, Captain

Garrett Byrne, BA 1854, Captain

Frederick Goggins 1858-1860, drummer boy

Charles Hargous, Captain

Francis Hargous, Cadet

Peter A. Hargous, BA 1856,

James Hickey 1856-1861, drummer boy

Philip Kearney, General

William Keegan, Prep 1858 Lt.Col.

James Kerrigan, Col.

John Kerrigan, Col.

Joseph Kerrigan, M.D.

James McMahon, Prep 1853 Col.

John E McMahon, Prep 1848,  BA 1852, Col.

Martin McMahon, BA 1855, General

James McQuade, General

John Murphy, Prep 1854 MD

Edwin Neville, Captain

James O’Beirne, General

Morgan J. O’Brien, Prep 1868, BA 1872

Robert Gould Shaw


George Dillon Prep 1850, 1848-1851

Hyppolyte Feugas

Clement Feugas

Charles Longuemare 1855-57

Patrick Mahony, BA 1850, Captain.

Charles O’Neil

John O’Neil

Charles Pinckney, Prep 1847, BA 1851, MA 1870

Eustace Pinckney, Prep 1850, 1849-1853

William Pinckney 1848-1850

Henry Pinssant BA 1856

Charles C. Prendergast


Fr. Thomas Ouellet SJ

Fr. Peter Tissot SJ

Fr. Michael Nash






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