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Bibliographic Management Tools: Zotero

Resources for learning about bibliographic management tools.

Zotero versus ZoteroBib

Zotero is a free citation manager that will allow you to collect, organize, share, and cite research items. Zotero offers local storage of data on your own computer, online access to your data, and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to ingest bibliographic metadata to ease the collection of citations. This digital tool is best suited for those interested in saving citations for long-term research. 

ZoteroBib (a separate tool) will help you create a quick bibliography through manually entering items or ingesting metadata from library catalogs, newspapers, magazines, ISBNs, DOIs, and more. ZoteroBib generates citations in a browser that can be pasted into a research paper in an array of citation styles including MLA, APA, and Chicago. This digital tool is better suited for short-term research and/or assignment needs.

How to create a Zotero account

Directions for creating a Zotero 5.0 account:


  • Press the Download button for Windows. If you have a Mac, click below where it says "Other platforms" and select macOS.
  • Next, open the Zotero library that was downloaded to your computer. On the top right side, look for the green arrow icon for syncing Zotero online accounts with the local, downloaded copy:

  • Enter the information from your online account here:

  • Press Set Up Syncing to finish the process.

Zotero Consultations

Help with Zotero is available by appointment with a Fordham Library Liaison. Email one of the liaisons listed  to schedule a consultation.

Zotero Documentation

Browser connections

To add a browser connector so that you can click to save research items you find online, go to to Tools > Install Browser Connector > and follow the prompts.

Zotero + Word Processing

Zotero provides plugins that will allow you to cite from your Zotero database as you write your paper. "Cite while you write" features are offered with the following word processing tools:

Plugins for Zotero

Sharing Zotero Libraries

Scanning Barcodes & Zotero

Email me to request a Zotero Consultation

Email me to request a Zotero Consultation

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