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Disaster and Emergency Preparedness: Start Here

This guide provides resources on disasters and emergency preparedness.

PLEASE NOTE:  All information, content, and materials available in this Guide are for general informational purposes only. 

How to be prepared

All Department Heads should be prepared to act as first responders

All library staff should be made aware of this disaster plan.

All library staff should know the location of fire alarms, fire extinguishers and emergency exits.

All departments should have a first aid kit and emergency supplies

All work study students and graduate assistants employed by the library should be informed regarding evacuation procedures and emergency numbers

Emergency Supplies



radio- battery operated or cranking 

vinyl gloves

dust masks



large garbage bags

paper towels

Fordham University - Safety Alerts

Types of Emergencies & Disasters

There are a number of different types of emergencies and disasters to be prepared for, below is a list of some of these.

  • Weather Related Emergencies
    • Earthquakes
    • Heat Advisories
    • Hurricanes
    • Tornadoes 
  • Fire Related Emergencies
    • Non-residential Fires
    • Residential Fires
    • Structure Fires
    • Wildfires
  • Power Related Emergencies
    • Blackouts
    • Localized Power Outages 
    • Utility Failures
  • Chemical Related Emergencies
    • Explosions
    • Hazardous Material Spill
    • Gas Leaks
  • Human Related Emergencies
    • Bomb Threats
    • Campus and Workplace Violence
    • Medical Emergencies
    • Shooting Incidents
    • Suspicious Mail or Packages
    • Terrorist Attacks

Important links regarding library disasters