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Copyright Resources: Permissions

Copyright resources for the Fordham University community.

Obtaining Permissions

To obtain copyright permission, you must receive consent from the owner to use their work. This process is also known as licensing. Although the owner may grant you use of their work, it is only a permission, not the actual copyright to the work.

Obtaining permissions may not be required for every work that has a copyright, but doing so reduces the risk of any copyright disputes.

Process to Obtain Permissions

If Fordham faculty would like to request permissions for any materials they will be using for classroom instruction, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Apply the four factors of fair use to the course materials to determine if they are copyright compliant.  If not, identify the copyright holder or agent.
  2. Send a written request for permission to use the material. This request may take several months, so give yourself plenty of time to receive approval. There also might be royalty/licensing fees associated with using the work, which you are required to pay, not the library.
  3. If the copyright holder is unresponsive or cannot be found, be prepared to follow fair use guidelines or consider using a different course material instead.

For resources on how to find the author or copyright owner, please visit our Additional Resources.

Obtaining Permissions Workflow

Permission FAQ

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