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Citation And Style: EndNote

EndNote Bibliographic Management Tool

Fordham IT subscribes to the reference manager EndNote and provides it to the Fordham community for free. EndNote is embedded in the Microsoft Office software provided by the University and can be downloaded for use on your own computer. Fordham IT is prepared to provide technical assistance with EndNote issues. Here are some important details to remember:

  • EndNote has both a Online (aka Basic or Web) and DESKTOP component, allowing you to add resources to EndNote from any device and to sync content uploaded to the web to your desktop libraries. EndNote Desktop stores content locally and thus can be used without an internet connection.
  • EndNote libraries can be shared with other EndNote users. 
  • EndNote allows researchers to upload documents, add annotations, import database subject headings and keywords, and tag references with your own unique terms.
  • EndNote Online has three plug-ins. The EndNote Cite While You Write plug-in will insert references, format citations, and create bibliographies automatically while you write your papers in Word. The EndNote Capture Reference plug-in will automatically extract and import basic citation information from pdf and/or web pages into your EndNote library. The EndNote Click (fka Kopernio) plug-in will search the free web and your registered library holdings for full text online access to your source citations.

Please note which version of EndNote you are using; EndNote 21 is the most recent version.

When you upgrade to the newest version, it is recommended that you sync your records to your online account (and a backup space), then uninstall the old version, then install the new version.

Step 1 - Create your free ONLINE (aka WEB, or Basic) EndNote account

From any computer go the the EndNote registration page and click on the Register box located in the right center of the EndNote webpage under the words "Not a member yet?".

You MUST create your account with your Fordham email address if you want to sync your free web and Fordham provided desktop accounts.

Password Requirements: at least 8 characters but not longer than 95 characters; contain at least 1 letter, at least 1 number; and at least one special character (!@#$%^*()~`{}[]|\&_); cannot have leading or trailing spaces.

Do not choose the 30 free trial of the desktop version. If you want the desktop version download it from the Fordham IT website (see instructions in the box on this page titled "Download DESKTOP EndNote from Fordham IT"). 

EndNote Registration Page

Step 2 - Add the EndNote Web plug-ins to your Browser

Once you have registered for a free EndNote Web account, you can now log in to EndNote Web and add the plug-ins to your browsers. The plug-ins are located in the top toolbar of EndNote Web under the Downloads option. There are three: Cite While You Write, Capture, and  EndNote Click. You may choose to add all, none, or any combination of them.

Please note that you will not be able to add the EndNote Web plug-ins to a Fordham Library public computer. You should be able to add the plug-ins to the Chrome and Opera browsers when you are logged into your account from home or from a Fordham work station.  Researchers must use their own laptop when working with the desktop version of EndNote.

EndNote Downloads Image

(Optional) Step 3 - Download DESKTOP EndNote from Fordham IT

EndNote is available for downloading at Fordham's Information Technology website.

For assistance with the download or set up of EndNote DeskTop contact IT Customer Care at :718-817-3999 Or Or Tech Help tab at

EndNote is also embedded in the Microsoft Office software available on all University computers. Please note which version of EndNote you are using; EndNote 21 is the most recent version.

It is recommended that you sync your records to your online account (and a backup space) before installing the newer version.

EndNote in Word

When EndNote is embedded in Microsoft Word you will see it listed in the top toolbar to the right of the Help option.

EndNote in Microsoft Word

EndNote in PowerPoint

Similarly, when EndNote is embedded in Microsoft PowerPoint you will see it listed in the top toolbar to the right of the Help option.

End Note in Microsoft PowerPoint

Downloading Assistance

Need help downloading to your device?

Reach out to IT Customer Care!

HelpIT call center available 24 hours:



Or  Tech Help tab at

Clarivate Customer Service

Clarivate Customer Service is very helpful with technical problems. If you have already reached out to Fordham IT and are still having technical problems, please give Clarivate a call :  


Or visit the EndNote online support website.

EndNote 21 Training

EndNote Training Videos

Register for a training webinar!

General Safety Notes - From Clarivate

General safety notes

  • EndNote libraries are made up of two parts: the .enl file and the .Data folder. These two parts must be kept together; both are needed for the library to work correctly.

  • Keep EndNote libraries on your computer's local hard drive. Storing and editing libraries on a network drive can lead to corruption and performance issues.

  • EndNote libraries should never be stored in cloud-syncing folders such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, SugarSync, etc. Syncing folders corrupt EndNote libraries over time.

  • Uninstall your previous version of EndNote before installing a new version.

  • Synchronize references in EndNote libraries between desktop and laptop computers, the online library, and an iPhone or iPad using EndNote Sync.

  • Share complete EndNote libraries with other EndNote desktop users through EndNote Sync and Library Sharing.

For more help and tips go to:

A Scholarly Examination of Various Bibliographic Management Tools

Migrate References from RefWorks To EndNote

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