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Middle East Studies: Finding Books

This Research Guide includes selected sources which pertain to the history, culture, geography, and politics of the diverse groups of people who reside (or who historically have resided) in the Middle East.

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LC Call Numbers

DS - Middle East

DS35.3-35.77 The Islamic World
DS36-39.2 Arab countries
DS41-66 Middle East. Southwestern Asia. Ancient Orient. Arab East. Near East

DS67-79.9 Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)

DS80-90 Lebanon (Phenicia)

DS92-99 Syria

DS101-151 Israel (Palestine). The Jews
DS109-109.94 Jerusalem

DS153-154.9 Jordan. Transjordan
DS161-195.5 Armenia

DS201-248 Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia

DS251-326 Iran (Persia)
DS350-375 Afghanistan

DS376-392.2 Pakistan

DT - Africa

DT43-154 Egypt

DR - Balkans

DR401-741 Turkey

DK - Former Soviet Republics

DK670-679.5 Georgia (Republic). Georgian S.S.R. Georgian Sakartvelo

DK680-689.5 Armenia (Republic). Armenian S.S.R.

DK690-699.5 Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan S.S.R.

DK931-939.5 Turkmenistan. Turkmen S.S.R. Turkmenia

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