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Literature Reviews: Saving & Exporting Results from Databases

Provides research tips for conducting a literature review.

Saving & Exporting Results for Systematic Reviews

If you are conducting a systematic literature review, you may need to save your results. This page offers tips for exporting bibliographic records from Scopus, EBSCO databases, and ProQuest databases.

If you need help, contact the library liaison to your department or program to setup a research consultation. 


1. Open the Scopus database and look to the top right side to Create account.

Screenshot from Scopus showing icons to create an account and access tutorials.

2. Click on the circled question mark and select Tutorials. Scopus offers video tutorials covering a wide range of research topics including how to conduct a search & how to download and export search results.

EBSCO Databases

1. To select and save search results in a folder, create an EBSCO account with your Fordham email. Look for the Sign In link on the top right side of the page and follow the prompts.

Screen shot showing Sign In option plus Help link

2. Select the Help link for additional search tips sorted by topic.

3. You can select items individually to save in a folder by clicking the folder icon with the plus sign: Folder icon in EBSCO databases

4. Use the Share button to save results in bulk or to export all of the bibliographic citations for your search. The system should filter out duplicates upon export.

Screen shot showing the options that appear after clicking the Share button.

ProQuest Databases

1. To select and save search results in a folder, create a ProQuest account with your Fordham email. Click on the icon of a person on the top right of the page:

Screen shot showing person/create an account option and the question mark icon for help

2. Select "Create My Research Account" and follow the prompts.

3. Select the question mark in the white circle for research tips and help topics.

4. Once you have an account, you can select items to be placed in a folder:    Screen shot showing how to select items to save

5. Use the Save search/alert option on the right side to save your search, generate a search link, or create a search alert.

Screen shot shows options under Save search/alert

6. Click the three dots/ellipsis for options to export results:

Screen shot show icon that links to export options

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