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COMC 2329 - Media Industries (Prof. Freeman): COMC 2329 Course Page

This is a course guide for students enrolled in Prof. Freeman's COMC Medial Industries class.

Questions to ask for this assignment

What is a trade publication?

How do we define authority within a business context? (ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, Authority is Constructed and Contextual)

Research Goals for Your Tracking Paper

Once your professor has approved the industry segment that you have selected to track, you need to start planning your research.  These research tips will help you find the sources you need to complete the assignment:

  • Identify the key industry trade associations and trade association websites
  • Identify other reputable websites that support individuals working in the industry (note if they are .edu .org .com, .gov)
  • Identify reputable publications that support individuals working in the industry (aka Trade Publications)
  • Keep a record of the databases, websites, words, and dates used to search

Then start to track your industry trend

  • Write down the specific words, technologies, regulations, individuals, and companies that are associated with this trend
  • Be careful not to confuse a new product with an industry trend (the new product reflects the trend, but is not the trend)
  • Collect citation information

Suggested Databases for Trade Publication Articles

EBSCO platform

(EBSCO Federated Searching)

ProQuest platform

(ProQuest Federated Search)

Gale Cengage platform

Lexis Nexis platform

Search Tips and Training

Search Tips

  • Use the Advanced Search
  • Use your Industry as a Subject
  • Limit by Date
  • Limit by Source Type = Trade Publications, Magazines
  • THEN Limit by Publication Name (select only the ones that fit)

Reminder: Think of variant words, both broad and specific. Use Boolean operators to string the words together. Use truncation to find variant word endings.

  • ((Television OR TV) AND (series OR show OR program) AND (TikTok))
  • ((Television OR TV) AND (series OR show OR program) AND (product* OR shoot* OR pipeline))
  • ((QAnon OR "Conspiracy Theor*" OR "Fake News" OR Disinformation) AND ("social media" OR Instagram OR Facebook OR Twitter OR YouTube OR Parler))

Consult the Help option in the database to determine the truncation symbol (usually it is the asterisk * , but not always), as well as other database specific search tips.

Use the worksheet in the handout to document and organize your research process.

Advanced Boolean Searching

Screenshot of OneSearch Advanced Search

Class Handout

NYPL - Encyclopedia of Associations

Evaluating Sources

Which Database for this Trade Publication?

Search the Library Catalog to determine which database contains the full text of a publication, newspaper, journal, or other periodical.

Screenshot of a periodical title search in the library catalog.

Try searching with the Browse or Exact option (not Keyword):

Screenshot of a periodical record in the library catalog:

Screenshot of the list of databases that provide full text access to that periodical, including dates:

Suggested Resources For Background Information (not articles)

Background information to understand your industry. 

The First Research industry reports found in the Mergent Intellect database will list professional associations in the Websites & Acronyms section of the report.

A resource for the Sports Industry

Cite Your Sources

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