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CMBUS 4471 - Business of New Media - Kosterich: Company Research

A library research guide for students enrolled in Professor Kosterich's class: CMBUS 4471, Business of New Media.

Welcome to the CMBUS 4471 Course Page

Welcome to the course-specific research guide for CMBUS 4471 - Business of New Media. Start your research by downloading the pdf Guide and Worksheet. 

What about information found on Google, Yahoo Finance, and other free websites?

There are many good business information resources available via the free web. It is your responsibility to look critically at those sources and use only information that is reputable, accurate, unbiased, timely, and appropriate for your academic assignments. If you cannot write a citation for a source, then you should not choose to use the information provided by the source. 

Mergent Online - Basic Company Search

Before you start researching, make sure you know:

  • the correct spelling of your company name
  • if the company is public, private, parent, or subsidiary
  • the ticker of your company
  • the company's primary SIC and NAICS codes 
  • the name of the primary industry   

All of this can be found in a good company profile.  

The Mergent Online database provides a company profile that is easy to locate and read.


You can also use Mergent Online to access Investext investment banking reports and the most recent SWOT reports.

Various kinds of reports may be found in the company profile under the Company Reports tab

If your company is a subsidiary, you may need to use the Investext advanced search option via the Investext Tab to locate parent company and industry reports that focus on the subsidiary you are researching.

The Investext tab is only visible BEFORE you enter your company name or ticker.

Industry Codes

Industries are number-coded to facilitate data management.

There are several coding systems, SIC and NAICS are the most common.

Use the websites below to explore these classification systems. 

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