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Bloomberg: Bloomberg at Fordham

Where to Find Bloomberg at Fordham

Fordham's Bloomberg workstations can be found in multiple locations:

  • the Trading Room on the first floor of Hughes Hall on the Rose Hill campus
  • the Trading Room in 140 West 62nd Street of the Lincoln Center campus
  • the Reference Room on the first floor of the Walsh Library on the Rose Hill campus.

There is only one Bloomberg workstation in Walsh Library.  There are multiple Bloomberg workstations in each of the Trading Rooms.  Appointments are not required. Priority is always given to Gabelli students and faculty.  In order to provide access to all researchers, please limit your time during high demand hours.

If you have questions about Bloomberg access for Fordham students and faculty


Walsh Library: Logging In & Creating An Account

These access instructions are for the Bloomberg Terminal in the Walsh Library Reference Room only.

For access support for the Trading Room Bloomberg stations, contact


User ID: G-Library

Password: just hit enter

Use the search box in the lower left of the computer; type in Bloomberg and select the Desktop App option.

Bloomberg Desktop Icon

Then click on the words <Enter> or <Go> with your mouse.

Or hit the Green Enter/GO key on the keyboard.

First time users will need to create an account and activate it via a text message, phone call, or email. 

Click on “Create a New Account” in the lower left side of the screen.

You MUST register with your FORDHAM email to create an account.

  • There is no longer a generic library account.  All researchers must use a Fordham email address to create an individual account.


To get to the Bloomberg workstation help menu, click on the ? icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select “Launch Help Page” from the drop down menu options.

Use the left toolbar to select specific help topics:

  • Overview

  • Command Line

  • Menu System

  • Functions

  • Securities

  • Bloomberg Panels

  • Bloomberg Keyboard

  • Help Resources

OR for help with a specific Bloomberg function, click on the Green F1 Help button on the keyboard while you are in that function.

Double click on the Green F1 Help button to send an instant message to the Bloomberg Help Desk Service (questions answered within 24 hours).


Please be patient.

Login times vary; the system is sometimes slow.

Bloomberg Keyboard

Bloomberg Keyboard image

The Bloomberg keyboard provides color-coded access to common data functions.

Yellow Keys: Market Sector Keys

Green Keys: Action Keys

Red Keys: Cancel, Log Off, Stop

Blue Keys: Rotate between windows

The Function of Bloomberg Yellow Keys

Bloomberg Links

Reference & Instruction Department

Reference & Instruction Department
Fordham University Libraries

Walsh Library  ♦  Rose Hill Campus  ♦  718-817-3586   
Quinn Library  ♦  Lincoln Center Campus  ♦  212-636-6050   
Fordham Westchester Library  ♦  Fordham Westchester Campus  ♦  914-367-3061   ♦   text 71-TXTX-1284 ♦ 
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