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Hogan Steel Archive: Rolling & Processing

The “Hogan Steel Archive,” representing a three-year collaborative effort of the Walsh Library’s Department of Archives and Special Collections and Fordham’s Industrial Economics Research Institute, commemorates and preserves the remarkable steel legacy

Rolling & Processing

The Archive’s extensive collection of document files on steel rolling and processing contains information on the various types of rolling mills, on the coating of sheets by tinning and galvanizing, and on companies, past and present, that have both innovated and manufactured rolling mills and processing equipment. Information in the files of a general nature includes: a history of rolling and processing in 1882-1954, U.S. rolling mills in 1892, landmarks in rolling-mill history in 1900, U.S. classification of sheets and plates before 1920, Armco’s rolling mills in 1953, history of the rolling mill in 1953-54 and 1957, computerized rolling, and U.S. rolling-mill computers in 1987.

Information on hot- and cold-strip mills and plate mills, which together roll what are called flat products, includes the following: development of the hot-strip mill, rolling of flat products, chart of advances in hot-strip rolling after 1925, patent of John B. Tytus for continuous sheet rolling, new continuous hot-strip mill and proportional roll convexity in 1927, U.S. slabbing mills in 1943, U.S. four-high continuous hot-strip mills in 1949, U.S. hot-strip mills before 1950 and in 1970-90, Free-World wide hot-strip mills in 1961-65, hot-strip mill at Inland/Indiana Harbor in 1967, U.S. hot-strip-mill operating data in 1980-93, Sendzimir mills, continuous pickling lines in 1987, schematic diagram from slabbing through pickling, spraying systems for descaling hot steel, bath-type slab cooling systems, coilbox for hot-strip mills, Steckel-type mills, hot-strip rolling at Weirton Steel, letter from R.J. Wean on the “combination system” for sheet production, combination rolling at the Bethlehem plant, a chart of cold-strip rolling advances after 1925, the cold-strip tensiometer, manufacture of boiler plate at Lukens Steel in 1910, and the world’s largest plate mill at Lukens in 1946.

Information on mills for rolling bars, pipe, rails, rods, and wire, which are referred to as long products, includes: bar mills circa 1954, rotary flying shears and Rendleman-type shears for bar mills, pipe and tube mills, seamless tube mills (mandrel- and plug-type), developments in seamless tubing in 1908 and 1977, manufacture of seamless tubing in 1931, U.S. tubing-mill expansion in 1977, seamless vs. welded pipe, continuous-weld pipe mills (butt- and induction-weld), line-pipe manufacture and properties, spiral-weld tubes, specialty tubing, U.S. riveted pipe plants in 1898, early history of U.S. rail manufacturing, U.S. rail mills by states circa 1880, rail production at Ensley Steel Works, continuous rod mill startup at Fairless, Morgan No-Twist and Stelmor rod mills, Stelmor process, Morgan rod mill diagram and blueprints, barbed wire in 1948.

Information in the files on the processing of flat products to manufacture tinplate and galvanized sheets includes the following: tinplate manufacture in various years, plating conditions and tinplate quality, tinplate handbook, tin and its uses, hot-dip tinplate flow chart, mechanization of tinplate manufacture, World War II and tinplate, J.C. Whetzel on weight reduction and tin-free steel, history of tinplate in Wheeling, history of U.S. tinplate industry, tin cans and the food industry in 1923 and the 1930’s, sheet and tinplate program at U.S. Steel in 1936, flow chart of tinplate and blackplate at Carnegie-Illinois South Works in 1937, tinplate production at Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company in 1939, bibliography of tinplate manufacture in 1941, U.S. metal can shipments in 1966-76, terne plate manufacture in 1969, cans for carbonated beverages in 1972, world tinplate survey in 1976, world capacity for electrolytic and hot-dip tinplate and tin-free steel in 1982, GALVALUME and GALFAN galvanized sheets, U.S. continuous galvanizing lines by company and size in 1938-64, galvanized and coated sheets in 1990, Wean Incorporated list of U.S. galvanizing plants and capacities in 1993. The files also contain The Story of the Development of Sheet and Tinplate, an original 1955 manuscript by Joseph Malborn.








Finally, the files contain the following information on suppliers of rolling mills and processing equipment: Abby Etna Machine Company catalogs, Aetna-Standard butt-weld pipe mills, Blaw-Knox Company mill installations, Danieli Group rolling mills in 1996, E.W. Bliss Company/Mackintosh-Hemphill plant history in 1906-57, Mackintosh-Hemphill profile circa 1934, Mesta Machine Company history before 1940, Mesta Machine Company mill installations in 1945-69, Morgan Construction Company mills in 1888-1948, Tippins Incorporated history and rolling mills, United Engineering and Foundry Company profile circa 1947, United Engineering mill installations in 1930-70, Waterbury Farrel Company and Sendzimir mills, Wean Engineering Company and tinplate, Wean Engineering Company, Inc. coil handling, continuous hot-dip galvanizing, strip finishing, and flat-rolled shearing.




In the Archive’s book and reference collection are the following: Tube Mill Practice by AISE; Roll Design and Mill Layout by Ross E. Beynon; The Seamless Story by J. Perc Boore; Rolling Mills by Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation; Manufacture of Seamless Tubes by Gilbert Evans; The Hot Strip Mill, Generation II by T.J. Ess; Tinplate by W.E. Hoare and E.S. Hedges; The Rolling Mill Industry by F.H. Kindl; Development of the American Tinplate Industry by Howard A. Knox; Cast Iron Soil Pipe & Fittings Handbook and Cast Iron Soil Pipe & Fittings Engineering Manual, both edited by Frank T. Koelble; Steel Wire in America by Kenneth B. Lewis; Rolling Mills, Engines & Machinery for Iron and Steel Works and Rolling Mills, Rolls, and Roll Making by Mackintosh-Hemphill & Company; Making Steel and Wire by American Steel & Wire Company; “National” Modern Welded Pipe: From Ore to Finished Product by National Tube Company; Making and Using Cold Finished Steel Bars by Fred J. Robbins; Sheet Steel and Tinplate by R.W. Shannon; Rolling Mill Machinery by United Engineering and Foundry Company; and Pocket Reference Book on Light Flat Rolled Steel by United States Steel Corporation.