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Hogan Steel Archive: Overview of Technology

The “Hogan Steel Archive,” representing a three-year collaborative effort of the Walsh Library’s Department of Archives and Special Collections and Fordham’s Industrial Economics Research Institute, commemorates and preserves the remarkable steel legacy

Overview of Technology

Information and materials in the document files that provide an overview of steel technology include the following: steelmaking process flow lines and charts, reviews of the major steps in steelmaking, pictorial presentations of these steps, the science of steelmaking, comparisons of steelmaking processes, radically innovative steel technologies, new technology in the steel industry, continuous steelmaking, steel mill of the 21 st century, world changes in technology, impact of new technology on the U.S. and European steel industries, impact of new processes on steel companies, impact of steel developments on steel-industry suppliers, outlook for new steel technologies in various years, technology issues in the 1970s, chart of iron and steel costs and practices in 1923, steelmaking at Jones & Laughlin, Danieli Group report on steel plants, and the AISI report The Making of Steel. In the reference collection see Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation’s General Plant Layout.