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Hogan Steel Archive: Steel Technology

The “Hogan Steel Archive,” representing a three-year collaborative effort of the Walsh Library’s Department of Archives and Special Collections and Fordham’s Industrial Economics Research Institute, commemorates and preserves the remarkable steel legacy

Steel Technology

Steel technology accounts for one of the largest and most significant segments of the Archive. It consists of 1,181 document files, containing information and data on a broad array of technology-related subjects within the following major categories: blast furnaces, blast-furnace alternatives, basic-oxygen (BOF) steelmaking, cokemaking, continuous casting, direct reduction, electric furnaces, electrification, ladle metallurgy, open-hearth steelmaking, other steelmaking, overview, refractories, and rolling and processing. Additional information and data on steel technology is provided in the Archive’s books, references, and the yearbooks, proceedings, and transactions of such steel-industry organizations as the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers (AIME), AISI, the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers (AISE), and IISI.

Among books and references affording general treatment of steel technology are Father Hogan’s five-volume economic history of the U.S. steel industry; various editions of United States Steel Corporation’s Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel; Iron Age’s 100 Years of Metalworking; C.D. King’s Seventy-five Years of Progress in Iron and Steel; Bradley Stoughton’s The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel ; Ferrous Production Metallurgy by A.T. Peters; The Manufacture of Iron and Steel by Harry Huse Campbell; a book with the same title by D.J.O. Brandt; The Physical Chemistry of Steel Making by C.H. Herty, Jr.; Steelmaking by C. Moore and R.I. Marshall; Technological and Economic Trends in the Steel Industries by B. Wilshire, D. Homer, and N.L. Cooke; and Metallurgical Processes for the Year 2000 and Beyond, edited by H.Y. Sohn and E.S. Geskin. The document files, books, and references treating more specific categories of steel technology are described below.