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Hogan Steel Archive: Markets

The “Hogan Steel Archive,” representing a three-year collaborative effort of the Walsh Library’s Department of Archives and Special Collections and Fordham’s Industrial Economics Research Institute, commemorates and preserves the remarkable steel legacy

Markets, Steel

Information on the markets for steel, often called the steel-consuming industries, is provided in 247 document files relating to steel-product usage in agriculture, appliances, automobiles, construction, general applications, the oil and gas industry, the railroad industry, and shipbuilding. Other, broad-based market information and data are contained in Father Hogan’s five-volume economic history of steel, in the Archive’s collection of statistical reports for various countries, and in such books and references as Large Uses in Small Ways, the AISI publications Steel Facts and Charting Steel’s Progress, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) publication The Steel Market in…and Outlook for in various years, and the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) of the United Nations publication The Steel Market in for various years. The historical and other steel-market developments recounted below, which are primarily based on the U.S. experience, reveal the interdependence of the steel industry and other industries that are consumers of iron and steel products.