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Business Research: Find Industry Research

This guide provides an overview of research methods and the Fordham University Library's collection of business resources.

What are Industry Codes?

Industry classification codes organize companies into industrial groupings based on similar production processes, similar products, or similar behavior in financial markets. The two most-used systems in the United States are NAICS and SIC although there are others. Many business databases can be searched by industry code. 

Industry Rankings

Access the Business Rankings Annual through the Business Insights database.

U.S. Census - Economic Census

Sample of Industry Journals and Trade Magazines Available in the Fordham Library


Access to Ward's AutoWorld and other trade journals may be found on the Fordham Library website ( by entering the title or industry under "Quick Search" in the "Electronic Books and Journals" search box. Here is a sample of other trade journals in the Library.

  • AFBM Journal: Agricultural Business Management & Farming Systems
  • Best's Review
  • Beverage Industry (0148-6187)
  • Construction & Building Materials (0950-0618)
  • Energy Business Journal (1945-6964)
  • Financial Services Review (1057-0810)
  • Food and Beverage Packaging (1941-8531)
  • Manufacturing and Technology News
  • Renewable Energy Today
  • Ward's Auto World (0043-0315)


Reference Books on the Subject of Industry

Websites that Offer Industry Information

Business Databases - Company & Industry

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