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Business Research: Getting Started with Business Research

This guide provides an overview of research methods and the Fordham University Library's collection of business resources.

The Research Process in Steps

Research methods generally follow this path but the order of steps is flexible:

  • Choose a topic - browse reference books, databases, circulating book indexes, journals, association websites, etc.
  • Make a list of subject terms related to your topic for literature searching. Look at thesauri in databases.
  • Write an outline of your paper
  • Decide what type of information you will need - supporting, empirical, primary, etc.
  • Consider the format of the information that you will use - print, electronic, video, etc.
  • Conduct a literature search to determine if your topic is feasible to research
  • Organize your information
  • Evaluate the materials that you found - are they relevant, credible, reliable and verifiable?
  • Write the text of your paper
  • Cite your resources
  • Check, check and recheck your writing and citations

Internet Resources

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Business

This is the Library of Congress classification outline for the subjects of business and economics. For further information about sub headings, please see their web page at which may also be helpful when considering a topic for a research paper.

Subclass H Social Sciences (General)

Subclass HA Statistics

Subclass HB Economic Theory. Demography

Subclass HC Economic History and Conditions

Subclass HD Industries. Land Use. Labor

Subclass HE Transportation and Communications

Subclass HF Commerce

Subclass HG Finance

Subclass HJ Public Finance

Books on the Subject of Business Research

Possible Topics and Search Terms

Sample of topics and search terms for the study of business from Library of Congress subject headings and sub headings are below. Also look at thesauri in databases.

  • Business consulting
  • Business correspondence
  • Business cycles
  • Capital investments
  • Capitalism
  • Commerce
  • Corporate culture
  • Crisis management
  • Deposit insurance
  • Distribution of products
  • Factory systems
  • Foreign exchange
  • Foreign investments
  • Industrial management
  • Industrial productivity
  • Industrial psychology
  • Industrial relations
  • Insurance
  • Labor disputes
  • Labor policy
  • Land use
  • Market research
  • Organizational behavior
  • Private Equity
  • Public accounting
  • Public debt
  • Public finance
  • Quantitative methods
  • Real estate
  • Records management
  • Risk management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social responsibility
  • Statistics
  • Taxation
  • Trade unions
  • Trust services
  • Venture Capital

U.S. Census Data

U.S. Census Economic Indicators - News You Can Use!

Sign up to follow by RSS feed or receive emails about newly-released U.S. Census economic indicators for construction, housing, international trade, retail trade and more. This data can support a thesis in a term paper and add to your general understanding of the U.S. and global economy. This site also features a chart tool to facilitate easy comparison of data in a visual format. To learn more, sign up for the U.S. Census' free webinar series.

New from the U.S. Census Bureau:

Get real-time updates for 19 key economic indicators through the America's Economy mobile app.

Explore and share the Census Bureau’s new interactive population clock  (, now with real-time population projections and interactive data tools.

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