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Online MS Program Library Research Guide: Electronic Reserves (ARES)

What is Ares?

Electronic reserves (Ares) is a library service that provides faculty members the opportunity to collect and arrange selected works for their students' use while enrolled in a specific course. Ares promotes open access that is prevalent in academia without infringing on copyright law.

Faculty have the option of submitting their course materials via Ares, email, or in person. Once course materials are submitted, library staff will check for copyright compliance. Course materials are active on the course page in Ares for a defined timeframe, and non-current course pages are archived. Once approved, the pages are protected with a unique password allowing only limited access to students enrolled in those specific courses. Course page passwords are created and disseminated by faculty members, so look for this password on your syllabus or other course materials.

Course Reserves

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Course Reserves (Ares) contain pertinent course readings and materials your professors have designated specifically for your classes. (Ares course page passwords are disseminated only by your faculty members.) Ares help is available in print and video tutorials.

Required books for your classes may be available in the Digital Reserves Collection or as ebooks in the library collection. 

What is Fair Use Copyright?

Fair use is one major limitation on a copyright holder's exclusive rights to a published work.  Detailed in Title 17, Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law, fair use recognizes that certain reproductions of copyright-protected works do not require permissions from copyright holders. 

Fair use is one of the most important exemptions to copyright protections for educational settings, allowing many uses of copyrighted works for the purposes of teaching and research. The complexity of fair use and its importance in academia makes it imperative that every member of the scholarly community understands how to make judgments concerning fair use. Fordham Libraries' staff members rely on fair use for all materials posted on electronic reserves.

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