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Palliative and End-of-Life Care: Ethics

Fordham library resources and additional information on various aspects of palliative and end-of-life care; Librarian Peter Patton, Editor.

Six Values in Medical Ethics

The foundation of medical ethics is based upon six principles:






--Truthfulness and honesty

From Ethics in Palliative Care, 2009,


BMC Medical Ethics - A Free Online Peer Reviewed Site

According to the site, BMC Medical Ethics is a free online "open access peer-reviewed journal that considers articles in relation to the ethical aspects of biomedical research and clinical practice . . .

"All articles published in BMC Medical Ethics are included in PubMed, the most widely used biomedical bibliographic database service, which is run by the US National Library of Medicine."


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Ethical Issues

--Patient competence and autonomy

--Terminal and palliative sedation

--Suffering and pain

--Dignity at the end-of-life


--Human dignity

--Withholding the truth at the end-of-life

--Foregoing treatment

--Neonatal pain management

--Feeding and breathing tubes

--Cessation of medical curative treatment

--Infomed consent 

--Dementia at the end-of-life

--Caregiver burdens

--Healthcare rationing

--Right to die

--Surrogate decision makers

--Use of morphine in pain managment


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