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Digital Humanities: Managing Research Data

This guide provides an overview of selected Digital Humanities tools and resources available at Fordham.

Proper understanding of digital scholarship requires an acknowledgement of its entropic nature; the absence of forward planning implies a misunderstanding of the object being produced at a fundamental – perhaps ontological – level."

James Smithies, Carina Westling, Anna-Maria Sichani, Pam Mellen, and Arianna Ciula. "Managing 100 Digital Humanities Projects: Digital Scholarship & Archiving in King's Digital Lab." DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly 13, no. 1 (2019).

Data Curation Tutorial Series

under construction

This series of tutorials will be released this semester. Stay tuned!

Organizing Research Data in Spreadsheets

Coming soon!

Developing Data Documentation

Coming soon!

Publishing and Sharing Research Data

Coming soon!

Research Data Management Plans

Data management plans (DMPs) are often required when applying for grants to support large-scale DH projects. The links below are open access templates that will guide you through writing a data management plan.