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African American Studies
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 16, 2015
This guide highlights African American Studies resources that are available via the Fordham University Libraries. It includes unique pages on African American Religion, Harlem Renaissance, the Bronx African American Project, and Civil Rights.
Tags: african american religion, african americans, bronx african american history project, civil rights, harlem renaissance, researchguideslist
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 17, 2015
Trustworthy biographical data is a cornerstone of research, whether one needs to place a person in historical and cultural context, verify birth date and place, or introduce a speaker to an audience.
Tags: autobiography, biobibliography, biography, genealogy, memoir, obituaries, researchguideslist
Business Research
by Bethany Jarret, Jane Suda - Last Updated Mar 31, 2015
This guide provides an overview of research methods and the Fordham University Library's collection of business resources.
Tags: business, finance, international business management, management, marketing, researchguideslist, strategy
Classical Studies
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 17, 2015
The study of the languages, literature, philosophy, history, art, and culture of the ancient Mediterranean world (Bronze Age ca. BC 3000 – Late Antiquity ca. AD 300–600); especially Greece and Rome during Classical Antiquity (ca. BC 600 – AD 600).
Tags: ancient, antiquities, antiquity, bronze age, classical antiquity, classical studies, classics, greece, greek, latin, philology, researchguideslist, roman, rome
COMM 1010
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 27, 2015
This guide has been created for students in Prof Freeman's COMM 1010 class
Tags: comm1010, communication, freeman, media, researchguideslist
Communication & Media Studies
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 17, 2015
The field of communications is defined as the theories and techniques used to convey meaning to others. It includes film, television, radio, journalism, advertising, public relations, digital design, semiotics, linguistics, and social media.
Tags: advertising, broadcasting, communication, film, journalism, linguistics, marketing, media, motion pictures, public relations, public speaking, radio, researchguideslist, rhetoric, semiotics, television, tv
Digital Humanities
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 27, 2015
This DH Research Guide was compiled by Kristen Mapes and created by Jane Suda. Additional input was provided by Elizabeth Cornell-Goldwitz and members of the Graduate Student Digital Humanities Group. Feedback and supplemental sources are welcome.
Tags: digital humanities, researchguideslist
Ethics in Research - 3245
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 27, 2015
This guide was created for students in the Ethics in Research class which includes both PSYC 3245 and SOCI 3245 students.
Tags: citation analysis, ethics, literature review, psyc3245, psychology, research, research methods, researchguideslist, soci3245, sociology
FNBU 3221 - Mirabile
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 27, 2015
Financial Management Library Instruction
Tags: business, finance, fnbu3221, gabelli, mirabile, researchguideslist
Gabelli Integrated Project (IP)
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 27, 2015
This guide has been created for students enrolled in the Gabelli Integrated Project Course. It is designed to be used with the "Data Sources Access Procedures" document that is loaded on the IP Blackboard page.
Tags: consulting cup competition, gabelli, integrated project, researchguideslist
Global Business Honors Project Seminar
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Apr 27, 2015
This guide has been created for students enrolled in the Global Business Honors Project Seminar. Researchers who are not enrolled in that course should use the general Business Research Guide.
Tags: gabelli, global business honors, researchguideslist
Information Literacy
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Feb 26, 2015
Information literacy combines a repertoire of abilities, practices, and dispositions focused on finding, using, and analyzing data to answer questions, develop questions, create new knowledge, and ethically participate in an information based community.
Tags: researchguideslist
Middle East Studies
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Mar 27, 2015
This Research Guide includes selected sources which pertain to the history, culture, geography, and politics of the diverse groups of people who reside (or who historically have resided) in the Middle East.
Tags: arab, arabic, levant, middle east, researchguideslist
MKBU 3434
by Jane Suda - Last Updated Feb 10, 2015
This is a research guide created for the course Integrated Marketing Communication - MKBU 3434.
Tags: advertising, business, communication, demographics, gabelli, marketing, media, public relations, researchguideslist