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Education : Humanistic Therapies

Resources on Education topics for research, lesson plans, school administration, bilingual education, and counseling services; Librarian Nick Alongi, Editor.

To Watch Video . . .

Type one of the following video titles in the Title search bar in the Library Catalog or watch on the library streaming-video database, Kanopy..

--The Gift of Therapy: A Conversation With Irvin Yalom, MD 

--Rollo May on Existential Psychotherapy

--Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy in Action - Part I



Books & E-books: Humanistic Therapies


More Books & E-books

Humanistic therapies encompass: 

Person-Centered Therapy

Existential Therapy 

Gestalt Therapy


Campus Library Designations

RH  =  Walsh Library at Rose Hill, Bronx

LC  =  Quinn Library at Lincoln Center

WC =  Westchester Campus Library (Fordham Westchester Library)

More Information . . .

To find out more about Gestalt Therapy, please contact:

Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training

220 Fifth Ave., Suite 802

New York, NY  10001

Phone: 212-387-9429



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