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This guide provides an overview of selected Digital Humanities tools and resources available at Fordham.

What is Digital Humanities?

Cornell, Elizabeth. "Four Definitions of 'Digital Humanities.'" Wordle Image, 2012.

There is currently no agreed-upon definition for the term "digital humanities." The following definition was summarized from quotes submitted by Day of DH participants between 2009-2014 at

  • Humanistic scholarship presented in digital form(s)
  • Humanistic scholarship enabled by digital methods & tools
  • Humanistic scholarship about digital technology & culture
  • Humanistic scholarship building and experimenting with digital technology
  • Humanistic scholarship critical of its own digital­-ness [1]

[1]  Josh Honn, "Never Neutral: Critical Approaches to Digital Tools & Culture in the Humanities." Accessed October 19, 2016.

h/t Kristen Mapes

Introductory DH Resources

DH Professional Organizations

Reference and Digital Humanities Librarian

Tierney Gleason
Rose Hill Campus | Walsh Family Library | Room 129

Reference & Instruction Department

Reference & Instruction Department
Fordham University Libraries

Walsh Library  ♦  Rose Hill Campus  ♦  718-817-3586   
Quinn Library  ♦  Lincoln Center Campus  ♦  212-636-6050   
Fordham Westchester Library  ♦  Fordham Westchester Campus  ♦  914-367-3061   ♦   text 71-TXTX-1284